So, let’s take it from the top!…As a little girl you had those dreams and conversations about what your wedding day would be like. At that age you had no concept or value for money, so you just kept thinking ‘big’… arrive by horse & carriage, wedding in a castle, tables decorated in Swarovski crystals, caviar for main and champagne on tap all day and night

Well for some, those ‘big’ thoughts stay as big thoughts because no matter how much you or your partner save (together), you just can’t afford to have it all!

You probably never thought that one day you’d be searching online for ‘wedding on a budget ideas’.

Now don’t worry, because a girl can have the wedding of her dreams ‘on a budget’, yes, I did say ‘on a budget’.

When planning for that big day, always have in the back of your mind… ‘It is going to be the BEST day of my life, BUT it is only ONE DAY!’, I hope I can help you with some  great wedding on a budget ideas to make that ONE DAY great but cost effective

Advanced planning
Good time planning will always guarantee you savings, a lot of venues and businesses increase their rates on a yearly basis, so if you get engaged in 2015 and plan to wed 2016, you could secure a lot at 2015 prices.

The time of year
Before there used to be ‘key’ wedding season months that couples would marry in, but of recent couples are marrying at any time of the year and tailoring their themes, colours, outfits etc to the time. So in this case, brides can benefit from having their wedding in what the industry call ‘off peak’ season – which is commonly between January to April and October to November and it is considerably a lot cheaper to book suppliers in off peak.

Get creative
You will be amazed how many things you can do with your very own hands for the big day, like wedding invitations, place cards, seating plans etc. These can save you a lot of money, but not only money, when you look back at pictures/film a proud feeling is achieved as you know it was your personal touch that created things.

You can even make it more fun, and get your bridal party involved in helping to create things.

Family connections
You know how the saying goes… ‘I know someone, that knows someone…that knows someone’, well that always comes in handy when there is a wedding. If words gets around within your family and friends circle, people are bound to say they either can do things or know people that can do things i.e. Make Up Artists, Decorators etc, you can book consultations, trials, tastings with these people for you to see if you like their products/services and if you do, then hopefully there will be a friends & family discount waiting for you!

Who to invite
Now this can be tricky, because you have probably got loads of different category of friends and family – friends that you went to school with, friends you made at work, family that you only see at Christmas or on special occasions – So the question is how do you prioritise who to invite?

The smaller your wedding, the lower the cost it is as simple as that. So do your own screening test of ‘How well do I know you?’ and answer the question genuinely and that should help to narrow down your guest lists, or if you feel that will cause offence, then you can split your wedding day into day and evening guests.

Sale Sale Sale
If you have at least 6 months planning time prior to your wedding, you can get some good bargains in the sales, be it bridesmaids outfits or your wedding dress, never under estimate what you can find in the sales, but you may have to shop around to 2 or 3 of the same store to get everything you need – but I guess that is all part of the Wedding Planning fun!

Social Media
Be sure to sign up to lots of different wedding related groups on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc, you would be amazed about how much information and advice you can pick up from these forums, and I always say to brides ‘No question is a silly question, just ask’.

You will be so amazed as to what you can find on Ebay from favour boxes/bags to your wedding bouquet. Ebay is fantastic, and with time on your side, you can order even more cheaply from sellers as far as Hong Kong – just make sure you leave enough time for delivery.

Be true to yourself
Between yourself and your future husband, you would have discussed finances, so make sure you stick to your budget. Do not get carried away by what other people may be saying, at the end of the day, it’s a financial cost between the two of you and no one wants to start married life thousands of pounds in debt (excluding mortgage).

It’s a fun and exciting time for the both of you, explore it and enjoy it!

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