Yesterday I went along to the International Food Exhibition [IFE]  held at London Excel Centre, now honestly the IFE isn’t high on my priority list of exhibitions to visit, actually it probably doesn’t feature on my list at all! But I went along because a friend of a friend had an exhibition stand promoting her food business and my friend wanted to go and see her, so I decided to tag along.

I did not regret for one minute going to this show, it was actually a good eye opener, before getting to the actual stand we went to visit we walked around the arena looking at other businesses and I can’t not mention – eating lots and lots of samples!!!! I then started doing some thinking…I looked around at the different food companies and I’d say maybe I only recognised a handful of brand names, the rest were brands I did not know, so I’m guessing a lot of these companies started as an individual with an idea about food and followed their dreams to get it out in the market and now they are promoting their products at one of the biggest food expos with the expectation that they will secure some deals and get their food on shop shelves! Then they would become a recognised brand for me to relate to!

Why am I going on about this? I am going on about this because we all can start with a little idea in our head, but we never get it to pen and paper let alone a physical product because we are scared of ‘what if it does work?’ ‘what if they say no? ‘what if none wants to buy it?’…We have got to get out of our comfort zones and DO! 

So we finally found where my friends’ friend’s business stand was…IKOKOH and I was amazed and proud, I was not proud as a friend, I was proud as an individual seeing another individual stepping out of their comfort zone and GOING FOR IT, I mean, who knows where the leads she met over the 4 day exhibition will lead her too – this could be the beginning of something very exciting her because she did it! Now as lovely as she is, she doesn’t have 2 heads and 4 feet! She is as normal as me and you, so there should be nothing stopping us from doing exactly what she did and going for our goals/our hearts desires.

I was truly inspired by all the small businesses I saw yesterday!…Let’s not wait for tomorrow, whilst there is still daylight today!

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