I guess it’s cliché to say that every wedding planner likes a good plan! Well, it’s true. In order to make their job be effective and run smoothly from their client a plan needs to be in place!

Now, when a couple get engaged they get so excited, the notebook comes out and they start jotting ideas and thoughts which will eventually materialise (well, maybe not all!). Amongst everything else that they are writing down will be the infamous Guest List!!! I haven’t checked what ‘research’ says but I am very sure the amount of times a couple will change who they are inviting to their wedding will change at least 10 times within a period of about 6 months during the planning stages!

Do we allow kids to the wedding?
Do we invited extended family members?
Do we have day and evening guests?
Do we ran away to a beautiful island and marry!?

All these questions and more will be running through the couples mind, but once concluded the next best thing they will want to do is send out SAVE THE DATE cards, e-vites, texts etc.

Is this really necessary?
Yes it is. The are many reasons why, I will explain a few….

Let’s be real, weddings can be expensive but with good time planning you are able to strike good deals, so once you have your date set, it helps to bring focus for you.

It’s good for your guests who may be coming from far and wide…visas, holiday requests from work. Just Plan. Have Peace of Mind. 

It’s hard enough to decide who to invite or not to invite, so the earlier Save the Dates go out the sooner you will know who will be attending and that way if you have a standby list of guests you could possible move them up the list as and when guests reply, especially those that reply that they can’t make it.

We are now starting to plan holidays abroad/away much earlier now, so by sending out the Save the Date in good time, allows your guests to plan their holidays around your date, not to miss the big occasion!

If you are planning to have a silver service for your main meal, you will need to know if any of your guests are allergic to anything or are vegetarians. When you send out the Save the Date there should be an option for them to write any specific requirements, because you would not want the embarrassing situation of them coming to your wedding and not being able to eat anything.

Nobody wants to have a rowdy wedding, you want to have a wedding with the right number of guests so that everyone can enjoy the day and more so you can get to enjoy time with all your guests. And I think you would rather know everyone at your wedding that look back at pictures and videos and say ‘Who was that!’
For some really cool ways to send out Save the Dates check out Pintrest here