Picking your chief bridesmaid can always prove a difficult one in the early stages of planning your wedding.

It is always best to get this out of the way in the very beginning because there will be more important things to deal with later on.

If you are stuck on how to pick your chief bridesmaid, I have some ideas for you.

Sometimes the question is:

1- Do I pick my sister because she is my ‘sister’
2- Do I pick my girlfriend because she’s always there for me

Some people believe it is a must that you pick your sister because she is your sister, but this does not have to be. If you and your sister are not that close in companionship then you don’t have to pick her.

The role of Chief Bridesmaid should be given to someone who you feel you have a close relationship with and will be very supportive through out your planning process because you will get stressed and maybe even have arguments, the person needs to not take all of that to heart and be able to brush it off and continue with the planning with you.

The Chief Bridesmaid must be prepared for the role, as it can be almost as demanding as being the bride because in all things the bride will consult with her Chief Bridesmaid and she would have to give a very honest opinion.

The basis to being a great Chief Bridesmaid is:
– Honest
– Resilient
– Trustworthy
– Reliable
– Friendly
– Non-Bias
– Organised
– Dedicated
– Has YOUR interest at heart!

Does that remind you of anyone you know? Has it made the job of how to pick your chief bridesmaid easier for you? I hope it has and remember if you need any help planning your wedding that’s exactly what we do at 360hype event planning and management. Click Here and get in touch to discuss your needs.

And Good luck picking your chief bridesmaid!!!