Written by Patience K Clottey

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) reported that consumers are being sold fake food. Food such as cheese was only half real. Ham or chicken on pizzas were neither poultry or meat, and frozen seafood like prawns were 50% water!

Checks carried out on hundreds of food items showed they were not really what they claim to be, or were mislabelled in some way. They also discovered that beef mince was adulterated with pork or poultry. So if you think you are buying pork free mince or halal, then think again.

This is not only food but drinks as well. It was revealed that even herbal slimming teas were neither herbs nor tea but glucose powder laced with a withdrawn prescription drug for obesity at 13 times the normal dose! Also fruit juices sampled were not what they claimed, as they contained flavouring and additives. Alcoholic drinks including vodka were also found to be fake, and the list went on. The sad thing is that they are all legal.

I know that food has become really expensive these days, but it is better to have a small portion of a good quality food than a lot of fake food. If you were to find out about some of what goes into processed food, your stomach will churn. A lot of the stuff that goes into these foods are bad for your health long term, many even contain substances that are banned by the government. A lot of additives and flavouring in these products are designed to make us eat more and therefore buy more.

So what do you do especially if you are on a tight budget?

Shop for quality food, for example, organic. Organic or good quality food can be expensive but it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can have good quality food by shopping wisely and reducing your portions. Remember your body is a temple and you must take care of it. As the saying goes, garbage in garbage out.
Reduce your consumption of take away, fast food, restaurant and frozen food. They are more likely to contain adulterated products and besides, you don’t know how or where the food is sourced. Cook from scratch as often as you can and freeze any extras. I have recently starting making my own chicken nuggets, fish fingers and pizza for my kids.
Consider drinks. If you compare the price of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice, and I mean freshly squeezed, to the price of concentrated juice, there is a huge difference. This should tell you that the concentrated juice is merely flavoured water and something else. They are also loaded with sugar. It is best to juice your own drinks yourself or have fruit in its real form. Better still, drink water. Personally some of the carton juices make my gums bleed, so I avoid them altogether.

Choosing quality over quantity will not only help you lose weight, but will also keep you in good health.

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