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We had the privilege of Event Managing a women’s event in Luton called Head2Toe. This event was all about showing your ‘everyday’ woman how to beautify herself, look after her health and more importantly dress to impress!

The Head2Toe event was created by two women Venessa Afonja of VA Bella Beauty and Deborah Wellington of Debs Boutique.

Personally, I really enjoyed coordinating this event, because I was working with ‘real’ women, they were open and honest about the things they knew and the things they didn’t know. They were open to suggestions of how to make the event a success and for me, that’s what I call ‘The Perfect Client’ because it is always good to be able to have an input into an event because as a business we do numerous events in a year and you as a person/business may only do one event therefore your exposure and knowledge may not be as wide as ours and we can advise you from a ‘been there done that’ perspective.

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It was a packed 3 hour event, from makeup to hair loss, a room with over 30 women got to experience first hand, how to do things that they see the ‘pros’ do, but do it their way.

The companies that exhibited were:

– Crown of Glory
T447 Hair Treatment
FM Products
S’cot Fashion
VA Bella Beauty
– Abi-Sule Fashion
Salad Master
Qemamu Mosaics

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In the lead up to the Head2Toe event, we assisted in the Social Media Marketing, creating Flyers and producing the T-shirts and Badges worn on the day.

On the day, we stood as the Master of Ceremony to ensure the event had a good flow and everything kept to time.

“Thank you to 360hype for all your behind the screen help and getting everything organised (cos me and Venessa Afonja are a bit rubbish with that side of things)” Deborah Wellington (Debs Boutique) 

“My sister is the mastermind behind the identity for our event this weekend! Ruth Odunuga event director and marketing consultant!” Venessa Afonja (VA Bella Beauty)