I have never ever put pen to paper to explain how and why I got into event planning, so what better time than now!

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed planning/organising parties, I would be the first to arrive and the last to leave and wouldn’t really get to enjoy the party because I’d be busy running around making sure the party ran smoothly – don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do this at every party I went to, it was only at family parties. If I did that at every party I went to, they would think I was crazy (useful, but crazy!).

It was definitely from then (around the age of 19/20) I knew party planning was my passion.

I graduated from university with a degree in Marketing & Advertising, went on to work with a diverse range of clients in marketing, in the early days of my working career I was not really involved in events within the companies but I still knew I wanted to do it, so I continued to event plan for family, friends, church and basically anyone who would let me.

Life went on, and as girls do…I met a guy, got chatting, had fun, went on holidays and got proposed to (well not that quickly but you get my drift!). I was now a bride-to-be planning my very own big day, in the back of my mind I was thinking I could now put all those planning skills, that I had picked up and used for everyone else, in action for myself!

Planning went well, I shopped, booked and shopped. Went to America and shopped, shopped and shopped! But nothing was to prepare me for what my big day was to have in store! You see, all the pre planning can be done by yourself BUT on the actual day of the wedding you as the bride have to just sit back and be the pretty princess and enjoy the day. But if you haven’t really delegated roles and responsibilities to others, when the day comes you will get a little be flustered when you sees things not quite going to your plan but there is nothing you can do about it…you’ve just got to sit there and watch!…


Well!….that happened to me! 🙁 Don’t get me wrong it was still a fantastic day but deep in my heart, I knew I should have delegated! So you know they say your wedding night is full of passion!? Mine wasn’t!…my was full of strategising! Me and my now husband sat up all night talking about how I should make my event planning hobby become a business – and that’s where 360Hype was born!

And it worked for me, because I could now event plan weddings as a ‘once bride’ so I knew exactly what brides would be going through and how they would be feeling.

My event planning business journey thus far has been fun! I have worked with some amazing clients, but probably the best achievement to date is having my clients wedding featured on a wedding documentary that was aired on BBC2 called ‘A Very British Wedding’.

So that’s my business journey, my family journey is that I’m married, as you know, and I have 2 gorgeous little boys who just bring me joy (and grey hair) every morning!

So that’s me! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me…

Ruth Odunuga